Ver-A-Fast hires work from home CSR's


Ver-A-Fast hires people to make service calls to the customers of their clients. You can either pursue work from home or contract work opportunities. You should have basic typing skills, a Pentium 3 or newer Windows computer, a printer, a CD Rom drive, and a high speed internet connection. Hours available are stated to be mostly evenings and weekends. You can either apply online or by telephone. While I have heard that this is reputable from a couple of sources, nobody I know well personally has ever worked for Ver-A-Fast. If you give them a try, please make sure to come back and tell us about your opinion of them.

Click here to check into working for Ver-A-Fast as a customer service representative.

NOTE ABOUT REAL COMPANY HOME-WORK EMPLOYERS: These real life companies that pay people to work from home are just like any other employer, and may not be hiring at all times. They can only hire enough workers to cover their flow of business. This is actually to your benefit. If the company hired you when they did not have the work to support you, nobody would make anything from them due to lack of enough work to go around. If you apply, please be patient as it can sometimes take a while before they contact you back. Pestering them will not get you hired faster, and may cause you to not be hired at all. My advice is to apply for all of them that are applicable and be patient, just like searching for a real job. Also, since these are real life jobs working at home; be prepared for the fact that some may require resumes, certain amounts of experience, proficiency tests, and special equipment.

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april said...

Nice post i liked it . Its very helpful information .Hoping more informative posts from you

andre_limantoro said...

great info. look easy to do. i'm going to try this

Ework 411 said...

Andre- I hope you will come back and let us know what you think of Ver-a-Fast if you try them out. This is one of the ones I do not have a lot of feedback on yet from close friends and have not tried myself, although I have heard from several people it is legit. Would be nice to get some feedback going here on them and know for sure.

Anonymous said...

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