Working Solutions is a great work from home employer


Working Solutions is a work from home customer service job where you can be paid to assist clients via the telephone, online chat or through email. There are no application fees or any costs paid to the employer. However, you may have certain expenses to perform this job. You will need to have a reasonably updated computer, high speed internet connection, 32 bit Windows XP or Vista, and a landline telephone with a plug in headset. You should also have a quiet working environment, and an organized workspace. Pay rates vary between $7-30 per hour depending on the project and you will be paid by direct deposit or check. They do not guarantee any certain amount of work, but they do really make an effort to not over hire and keep their reps busy. You can schedule your own work hours, but once you agree to work a schedule you should consider it a solid commitment.

Click here to apply to become a Working Solutions customer service representative.

NOTE ABOUT REAL COMPANY HOME-WORK EMPLOYERS: These real life companies that pay people to work from home are just like any other employer, and may not be hiring at all times. They can only hire enough workers to cover their flow of business. This is actually to your benefit. If the company hired you when they did not have the work to support you, nobody would make anything from them due to lack of enough work to go around. If you apply, please be patient as it can sometimes take a while before they contact you back. Pestering them will not get you hired faster, and may cause you to not be hired at all. My advice is to apply for all of them that are applicable and be patient, just like searching for a real job. Also, since these are real life jobs working at home; be prepared for the fact that some may require resumes, certain amounts of experience, proficiency tests, and special equipment.

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Sajith Stephen said...

nice info. I do want to earn from internet during my leasure hours when i simply sit and spend time. This gives me an opertunity to try. Defenitely i am going to sign up as a work agent in Working solutions.

kumaran said...

the easy way of earning free money is by PTC is known as paid to clcik,if you click ads you will get paid,it is the easiest way of earning money.there are lots of site in PTC,this is a nice way of earining.

jobsworker said...

i have retired from my own work job this year and i need some online job to earn money from home. i think working solutions is suit for me. thanks for providing this useful post especially for me.

Ework 411 said...

Kumaran, the majority of PTC sites are not a good bet. There are a handful of legit ones out there, but most are scams. Also; unless you are able to recruit a huge referral base, you do not make very much in using them at all. This is the reason we do not really focus on them much here on this blog. If you do use PTC sites, we recommend checking them out at the following site: PTC Investigations is a very reputable blog that strictly focuses on PTC sites, and has a lot of good information about these programs.

PS-In the future, I would really appreciate if you tried to keep your comment posts somewhat on topic. This is a post about customer service ops, and posts here should either be about the Working Solutions program, or about work at home CSR programs in general. If you want to make a general comment posting about other program types or submit specific sites you would like us to review, please do so on the "Recommend a Listing" section, which is located at the top of the Navbar.

Anonymous said...

This post is nice to read man.
You have done a nice job Keep it up.
And also try to improve the skill.....!!!!!
I wish u all the best....!!!!!!

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