Mechanical Turks earn money doing small tasks


Mechanical Turk by Amazon has been around for quite a while, and is a very popular program. You can perform small tasks for payments which can either be transferred to your bank, or applied to your Amazon giftcard. You can also add tasks to M-Turk to be completed by others. One thing I prefer Microworkers for over M-Turk for is that monies earned get paid by Paypal, or can also be applied to tasks. M-Turk does not allow this. M-Turk does seem to be a lot more advanced as a program. They allow you to set qualifications that people must pass in order to be eligible to perform some tasks. An example of this would be if you want to review an adult website, you must be qualified as a verified adult. Some more advanced tasks may require you to pass a proficiency test before being eligible to perform those types of tasks. Tasks on M-Turk seem to have a much wider range of payment amount, and there are a lot more of them to be completed due to the age of the program. However, there are also a lot more people competing for those tasks. M-Turk is an established and well trusted program. It does not have an affiliate program for marketing.

Mechanical Turk is the place to be if you want tons of small and simple tasks to complete in order to earn money.

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bambie said...

I am an MTurk member. However, although there are plenty of opportunities there, one thing I don't really like is the mode of payment. It would have been better if they paid thru PayPal. Also, most of the tasks aren't that easy to finish especially those where you need to look for a logo or address because most of the sites are unlisted.

knug said...

This site is similar with microworkers, but it has more task. Its legit money maker, but unfortunately for user from outside US only withdraw to amazon gift certificate. I hope non US workers can withdraw by paypal or account soon.

Ken said...

Oh, thanks for this post. It's very useful for me. I joined microworker and I like it very much but I want to find a website as it. Lucky, I have been read your post. So I will join Mechanical Turk now, thanks very much.

BK Ajit said...

I am a member in both microworkers and Amazon mechanical turk, i am agree in microworker anyone can perform a task without any qualification where as in amazon one needs to be qualified and also in microworkers the payment processor is paypal thats why i am more active in microworkers.

Ework 411 said...

Bambie- I agree, the tasks at M-turk often seem to be a little more complex than Microworkers tasks are.

Knug- I did not know that, thank you for the good info. I suppose it is still a nice way to pick up some free products, could be handy for using towards gifts or something.

waheed said...

Good site when it come to No. of taska available which is plenty of task all the time as compare to microworker but most of the tasks are difficult.when it comes to payment method M-turk is not good specially for international members as compare to microworker where enough methods available to get your money very much easily.

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