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Our focus at Ework411 is on providing information about legitimate ways to work at home on the internet that allow you to make real money with very little or no cash investment, and on ways of increasing traffic to any existing internet presence. We will also be highlighting some great tools and resources that may help you with your efforts. You will never find any get rich quick scam sites or useless collections of highly priced ebooks and videos promoted on our blog, and we will never try to sell you anything. We will always try to focus on the many great free programs and tools as much as we can. We may even post various programs that help you save money as well.

It would be impossible to personally test every program, tool, or system that we have listed here. Information about any program or tool that we post here on Ework411 is believed to be accurate, and we encourage our readers to leave additional input in the comments. We have posted all of our Ework411 listings either based upon our own personal experiences with them, or because they meet our listing criteria.

Criteria for a positive listing:

1. Any work at home or money making opportunity must either be free, or have reasonable costs only. We do not consider ebooks or large registration fees paid to the opportunity provider to be a reasonable cost. We will make a rare exception to this rule only if any costs are very minimal, and the program has a history of being well known as extremely reputable.

2. It must be feasible that any money making opportunity is stable, self sustaining, and capable of generating enough revenues to actually pay the participants for their time and effort.

3. Any tools or programs that we have included here that are not free have been added because they are highly reputable and perform well, and may be extremely useful to some home workers or people using the internet professionally in our opinion. These programs must be reasonably priced according to the value they provide.

4. All programs, tools or products will recieve negative feedback at some time or another, we recognize that to be a fact of life. We do require that programs recommended here not have what we would consider to be excessive complaints that indicate that it may be a scam or ripoff.

Criteria for a posting to our Ework411 Scamwatch list:

1. Any program having an unusually high number of complaints on the internet, or that has been reported to be a scam by one or more sources we consider reputable.

2. Any program previously listed here that has recieved an excessive number of negative comments from unique users will be moved to the Ework411 Scamwatch list.

3. Any program that we have been unable to obtain payment from after meeting all requirements.

4. Programs that do not appear to be self sustaining, are suspected to be a Ponzi/Pyramid or other type of scheme, or are not following good business practices.

Recommend a program or tool:

If you would like to recommend that we list a site, tool, or program here on Ework411, visit our Recommend a Listing page. Any listing must either qualify as a positive listing or as an Ework411 Scamwatch according to our criteria. We will not allow any postings that pertain to or promote any adult or illegal content, products, or substances. Yes, I am aware that you can make money working online as a webcam operator, but this is not that type of site. Please do not send us information about these types of programs.


We make every effort to insure that the information we provide here is accurate as of the date it was posted. We do not guarantee that our positive listings, Legit Money Maker or Ework411 Scamwatch listings are accurate; these listings are our personal opinion based upon available information. We highly recommend that you take the time to check into any opportunity yourself completely prior to committing to it. We cannot guarantee any specific result or benefit from using anything listed on Ework411. Any of these programs may experience changes in their terms, behaviors, or performance at any time without our knowledge. We have no personal interest in or involvement with any of the programs or services listed in this blog; and we cannot be held liable for the actions or policies of these outside companies or your experiences with them.

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Alex said...

Hey, great blog so far keep up the good work! I'm trying to do kinda the same thing. Your blog looks so much better than mine. I have a list of sites on my site too and some not listed yet so check my site out often and I'll do the same. We can kind of work off each other. I hate these sites that try to rip people off.

Ework 411 said...

Alex- I tried to contact you through your blog, but I could not seem to do so. I am really pleased that you enjoy reading Ework411. After reviewing your blog contents, I have added it to my blogroll of related sites based on the fact that you are testing everything and I see nothing I believe is not legit. Please feel free to visit for finding new resources to check out, and post here any time. Great to meet you. :)

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