Short Task pays you for completing microjob tasks


Short Task is a Microjobs provider, similar to M-turk and Microworkers. There seem to be a good variety and large amount of tasks to complete on this service, and I have been impressed with it so far. This one seems to combine the numbers of listings that Mechanical Turk offers with the easier payment options that Microworkers provides. You can request payout by Paypal when your account reaches $10.00. The only thing that I do not like so far is that tasks do not disappear once completed, and there is no option to make them do so if you have already done them or are not interested in them. This can create some confusion when you are talking about 36,000 tasks that often have similar titles such as “follow a Twitter account” lol. I have sent a comment in to the site about this suggestion, but they are probably already working on it because the logo says “Beta” on it. I am still in the process of testing Short Task out, so I may have a further update on this program later. I have not been paid yet, but it does come highly recommended by a good friend so I am posting it as legit.

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I heaved been payed by Shorttask. Check out my blog, because I have put a payment proof there.

Ken said...

Great site, I just register and i'll test it.
Thanks for this uesful post. Wish you have a nice day.
Keep in touch :)

Ework 411 said...

Thank you, Payment Reflections for your posting about this program. We have visited your site and confirmed that there is a payment proof from Short Task there.

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