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Lulu is a self publishing program where you can write and sell your own materials. Unlike many self publishers, Lulu does not require that you pre-print a large number of copies in order to get going. You simply create your content and post it on the site. You can sell books, musical albums, photographic collections, and more. You can choose to publish in eBook format, or as printed material. When publishing a printed book, you simply upload the contents, and add the cover. Once you have done that, you selcet what sizes and styles of book you would like to offer it in (hardback, trade paperback, coffee table book, etc). Lulu will give you a price per book for what it costs to print the item.

Once you know what the cost is, it is up to you to set the selling price. Keep in mind that Lulu does keep 20% of your royalties. This is a little bit higher than some places; but the fact that you can get your work into print without having to pre-purchase thousands of copies makes it very worth it for publishers who are just starting out. Ebooks do not have any printing costs, and can be sold for any price, including free. If you have a price on an Ebook, it is 100% royalty, less Lulu’s percentage.

Now that your book is ready, it is up to you to market it. Lulu does display it very nicely on their site, which will generate some traffic and sales for you. You can even set up your own storefront with templates that you can change. They also allow people to review your work on the site, which is a great feature. When someone decides to purchase a copy of your book, Lulu will take care of all of the packaging and shipping for you too. Lulu is a must use program for anyone who would like to publish their own book, but cannot afford the high fees associated with the large print houses.

Here is an example of a book distributed by Lulu that was written by an Ework411 reader and my online friend. Chelsea Hoffman's Lulu page. Let’s show her some link love and check it out on our way to scope out the great service Lulu can provide.

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