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Dungeons and Treasures is a great game that you can get paid to play. My first impression of it was that it reminded me of one of the very old school Role Playing Games, because it is a bit cheesy compared to modern RPG’s. After you really start playing it though, it is oddly addictive. I actually look forward to playing it every day now. The instructions are a little difficult to follow, because the game is operated by non-US citizens who have written the instructions in English. The rest of this post will provide you with a set of basic understandable instructions and tips to save you a headache and a learning curve from having to figure most of it out on your own.

Your task is to visit a dungeon every day, kill or catch the monsters, and collect the gold. You can only clean out one dungeon a day; unless you win star credits and use them to buy more dungeons, or purchase them with gold from other players that have won them. When you first start the game, you have nothing except 500 gold. You need to buy a decent weapon, and at least one health potion with this. The best way to do this if you do not start the game on the first of the month is to buy a used weapon that is broken in the player marketplace and repair it at the weapon shop. You then go to the tavern to find out about your dungeon, and proceed inside to kill the monsters.

Once inside, the game play is very basic. Your movement is patchy and is done by moving through chunks of space into the next frame using the red arrows. Watch for stuff lying on the floor. Once you meet a monster, you get a menu asking if you want to fight, dodge or run. Unless you are almost out of lives you want to fight, because that is how you get gold and keys. You have six hit points before you die, which can be healed with health potions. You get three lives per day, so if you get killed it restarts you at the entrance to the dungeon. If you die all three times, you cannot finish your dungeon for that day. The monsters do not respawn; so if you know you are almost finished with your dungeon, it may be best to just die and save your potions for the next day. While you are clearing out the dungeons you may also find items like potions and weapons. If you do not need these you can sell them for gold. There are two different kinds of keys that you will find while searching, dungeon keys and treasure room keys. Dungeon keys are needed to open doors in the dungeon, and treasure room keys are used to open chests full of bonus gold after you are finished.

There are other ways that you can gain gold also, which vary. You should check out all of the options as far as contests, etc. You can gain experience points and/or gold doing some of those things as well. The contests change all of the time. I will say that I have found the games/skills contests such as shooting arrows and jousting to be very difficult to control; so you may want to stick with the non-skills based stuff unless you can get very good at those skills during practice sessions. One of the current contests right now is something to do with tribes of barbarians. It took me a while to catch onto what I was supposed to be doing, which I figured out by accident. The very bad instructions say to click the pictures on the website to win artifacts. I clicked all over the place, and could not figure out what they meant, so I said forget it. Then when I was in my dungeon, I noticed an odd flickering helmet that was hovering around to the left side of my screen by my menu. I clicked it, and lo and behold, artifacts! Lol the bad thing is, I had several weird Chinese star looking things go across my screen too, and had just stared at them, wondering what the deal with that was. They are generally towards the top of the screen. Anyway you are not looking for actual pictures on the website, you are looking for these weird flickering objects that appear very briefly and may fly around like UFO’s.

Once you click all 12 of them, you can turn in tickets for reputation points. How many tickets you get is dependent upon how many artifacts you recovered. Some of your attempts to get artifacts will create an event if you fail. Events are small tasks you can pick team members to perform with you, based on their skills and the requirements. You click a few buttons, and it gives you a success or fails result. If you succeed, you also get reputation points and may gain skills. Reputation points get added up, and they are what determine if you win a prize or not at the end of the contest. This may either be gold, or a star credit you can redeem for upgrades of your choice. I usually bypass the jousts and the other current contest, which involves trying to shoot semi-uncontrollable arrows at fast moving hot air balloons. However, the barbarian thing you can actually have a very good shot of picking up some extra gold on.

When you are done with all of this, be sure to stop and pray at the temple for gold every day. You should also make sure to open your treasure chests. If you forget to do so, you will lose your keys when the game resets for the next day. Speaking of resetting, this is a very important point. Each “adventure” only lasts one month, and then EVERYTHING resets and changes. You will once again start out with nothing in your inventory and 500 gold. This is important because it is unlike most other RPG’s in that you don’t want to upgrade everything and buy good equipment for future growth, because there IS no future. You need to really think through what you buy, and when. Purchases make a lot more sense the closer you are to the beginning of the month. Level upgrades, etc also reset. Everyone starts out equal again on the first of each month. Due to this; on the last day of the month you should sell everything you own, trading in any weapons and armor you may have bought or found for gold. If you do not sell the items, you will lose them anyway. The only things I ever buy due to this are two decent but not expensive weapons (in case one breaks while in a dungeon and I have not yet found a better one), a couple of health potions, and a net. Nets can be used to catch monsters instead of killing them, and the monsters can then be sold for gold. This is often better than killing them, and how difficult they are to catch depends on your level and their ranking (low, med or high).

When the monthly adventure ends all contest points are tallied, prizes of gold and star credits awarded, and then all gold in your account is converted into DT dollars. DT dollars are a virtual currency that is like a holding account. DT dollars are actually where your gold has been credited into an equivalent of US currency. You can request payout anytime after you have earned $10 US. What rate the gold converts at varies from month to month, depending on how much they take in. Some people get very involved in this game, and many seem to actually buy upgrades for various things with real money. You will get a percentage of those profits, based on how much gold you have earned. While you can certainly buy an upgrade yourself if you get that into it and want to, I have never spent any real money on this game. Anything I have bought has been with in-world gold I have won. To me it is nothing more than a fun way to earn some spare cash, and you can easily make money from this game without purchasing anything.

If you can get referrals, you will also earn a percentage of the gold they win as well; up to three levels down. The game is honestly fun to play, is totally free, and has no annoying ads; so this is not too difficult to do. (You can complete offers for gold if you choose to, but you have to specifically visit a section of the site to do it). The cheesiness of the graphics is more than made up for by the excitement of finding a big chest of gold that you know is going to convert to real cash lol. If you have an hour or so to spend on making some extra money, this is a very fun and cool way to do it.

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