Get paid for promoting your content at Shetoldme


Get paid for promoting your content at Shetoldme

Shetoldme is a combination program that is part traffic generator, part bookmark/backlink service, and part moneymaker. Once you sign up for Shetoldme, you can post links to blog or website articles you find useful (including your own). Be sure to vote up your own posts, you can and should do this once by clicking the up tab next to the icon that looks like a world. Your post then goes into a queue, where it is reviewed by other users of the system. They will read the short summary of the post; and if they find it of further interest they can then click through to read the entire post. This helps you get traffic to items that you post on this program. Once they have read it, they will rate it up or down. Once it gets to be above a certain ranking, it becomes a permanent backlink and stays within the database. This will help increase the pagerank of whatever you have posted.

Every post made on Shetoldme has three Google Adsense sections. One is yours, one belongs to the person who referred you, and one to Shetoldme. Due to this, you will have an Adsense ad on every post that you make; as well as on every post made by your referrals. Not a guaranteed money maker by any means because it is unknown how often your referrals will post; or if anyone reading will click on an ad located on either you or your referral’s posts. But the fact that these remain out there permanently and get good Google search rankings, and you do have potential to make money using something that is benefitting you anyway is neat. I have made Adsense earnings from this program, which I consider to be a nice bonus to a great service.

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