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Bukisa is a paid to write article database. It is pretty open as to what you can publish there. You do not have to participate in rating other articles, and anything you post there does not have to compete with other content. There is not really as much of a social aspect to this program. You do not get paid for adsense ad or other affiliate revenues at Bukisa, you get paid strictly by your traffic and referrals. Traffic is based upon unique pageviews per every 24 hours from qualified sources. Bukisa will weed out the views that come from bots and traffic exchanges. Bukisa makes a great place to post things that you have not written specifically to target ads, but may be of interest to readers. You have the potential to make quite a bit of money on Bukisa if you can get a lot of referrals and generate a lot of traffic to your content.

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masharry said...

I already join at bukisa, but still confuse about writing... any idea about that... I know one of the site that similar but bukisa offer (with $3 per 1000 pageview) is better than that site

Ework 411 said...

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them if I can, please feel free to post them. Also, if you know of other good sites please use the "Recommend a listing' form (found at tab at top of navbar) and let us know about them. Use your affiliate link if you have one :) and we will get to testing it out ASAP.

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