Make money using Gomez Peer


Gomez Peer is a program that will pay you to leave your computer turned on. It uses a tiny fraction of your computer resources to test website data for clients. To start making money and getting paid by Gomez Peer you just install the client, and then leave it running on your computer. It can take a little while after joining to get approved, but you will still accumulate potential earnings. Most people do get approved, but occasionally some will be told there is no demand for someone with their location and connection speed.

You can make money in a couple of different ways. You will get paid up to $0.10 per day just for being logged in, even if your computer recieves no work tasks. When you get a task, you are paid $0.0005 for every minute they are using your computer. Between these two factors, you can earn up to $45 per month. You may make less, and they do not guarantee any specific volume of work tasks. You can also earn $1.00 for every new user that you refer to the program. Not bad earnings for doing absolutely nothing, if you let your computer run a lot anyway.

Online Time Payments (per day) $0.10
Processing Time Payments (per min.) $0.0005
Referral Bonus (per Active Referral) $1.00
Min. Monthly Payment $5.00
Max. Earnings per month $45.00

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Kshitij Bhanu said...

Seems very interesting. I never heard of this affiliate programs.

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