How to SEO your work from home opportunity website


Everyone talks constantly about SEO these days, to the point where you would think that everything hinges upon being search engine optimized to the max. But while all components of SEO are important, underdoing it is generally preferable to overdoing it. Less than scrupulous web designers and bloggers have caused search engines to frown upon sites that have been overly optimized, or have been optimized in a less than honest way. Here are a few practices you will want to make sure to avoid:

Keyword stuffing is the practice of overloading either the meta tags or a page of content with keywords. It is true that a search engine may consider words like "car" and "cars" to be different, and it may be a good idea to use variations at times. However, using "car", "red car", "blue car" etc in order to repeat tons of words will cause you to get very poor rankings. Limit your keyword usage to only using the top keywords that you think are most relevant to your topic, and are most likely to be entered into a search box. Hidden text/Html codes designed to puff up your keyword content are extremely dishonest, and should never be used.

Overtagging is basically keyword stuffing using blog tags. Keep your tags per post limited in number, and relevant to your topic. You should name your tags using relevant keywords when possible; but your blog tags should be used to help direct your blog traffic, not as an Seo tool.

Get the most out of your titles and headings by using a relevant keyword as close to the beginning of your title or heading as possible. Headings can be helpful in breaking up long posts with a lot of information, but they should not be overused. You will get better results with quality vs quantity.

Spam-like behavior of any kind can cause serious problems. Using popular keywords that are not relevant to your topic to try to game traffic is considered keyword spamming. Link spamming is a bad idea too. You should only post links when and where appropriate. Backlinks are best when from a site with a good reputation and relevant content.

Overdoing your Seo or using it in a dishonest way will hurt your page rankings, and can even cause you to be penalized with a page ranking of zero. Search engines may stop crawling and listing your sites, leaving you dead in the water. It can be difficult to recover your reputation after some actions. An ounce of prevention will definately prevent a pound of cure. Keeping your Seo relevant and at a moderate level will produce the best results.

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