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Helium is a paid to write, article directory type of site. Helium has a set of specific channels and titles that you can write to. You may request a new channel or title, but since you only get paid for competitive titles it is probably best to stick to requesting topics others will also be interested in writing about. If Helium adds a new title and you are the first to write an article about it, you even recieve a bonus! Once you submit your article, it is placed into rating status. Other Helium users will then read your article, and compare it against another article on the same topic. Once they have read both articles, they will rate which one was more valuable on a scale system.

Getting paid by Helium is based upon your participation and performance. This may really appeal to good writers who find it difficult to generate enough traffic on their own to make money based strictly upon pageviews. You will get scores for both the quality of your writing, and for rating other people's articles. The more you participate, the more you can earn at Helium.

Helium does allow you to post the articles you send them to other locations. Once you achieve a certain rating, you can qualify for up front payments on articles, as well as making money from ad revenue sharing. Helium will also take offers for you from publishers if they are interested in licensing your content for a fee. Helium also frequently offers writing contests for cash awards. You can request payments from Helium through Paypal at any time after you have earned $25, and it will be sent no later than by the tenth of the next month.

Helium has an email invitation system as opposed to an affiliate link. You will recieve a commission of 5% of the earnings from any member that you invite. If you would like to join Helium as an Ework411 invite please send us an email, and we will invite you as soon as possible. We always add our downline invites to our incoming RSS feed, and will read every new article they post to help increase pageviews. If you would like to get started at Helium right away, visit the link below to register.

Register for Helium and start getting paid to write.

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