eHow writers earn money for creating how to guides


eHow allows you to make money by writing how-to articles, or creating how-to videos and posting them on the eHow website. This is a great program for people that like to teach others to do new things. eHow articles must be in an educational format that provides clear step by step instructions. eHow does allow you to post non-exclusive articles, as long as it is your original content.You will be paid through Paypal for the articles that you post, based upon how useful they are to eHow readers. The minimum payout amount is just $10.00, and payments are automatically sent monthly. eHow does require that you provide them with your tax information, and will send you a 1099 if you make more than $10 per year. You must be at least 18, and either a citizen or legal resident of the US to get paid.

eHow functions somewhat similar to a social network, in that it allows you to add friends. This is a nice feature, because it will allow you to increase your pageviews due to your friends checking out your postings. Another neat feature of this site is that there are requested articles, which you can earn additional credits for if you can provide the desired information. eHow does not have an affiliate program.

Join eHow and start getting paid to write how to guides.

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