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Hubpages is an article database program where you can write individual webpages that are called "hubs" about your topic. Hubpages is very free form in style. Unlike some of the other article database programs; there is no specific format you must use, or topic system that your writing must fit into. You can make money by writing on Hubpages through revenues generated by people who click on the advertising that is in your hubs. Hubpages supports Adsense, Ebay affiliate, Amazon affiliate, and Kontera ads within your hubs. When these ads are placed, it is on a revenue sharing system that works by placing your ads 60% of the time, and Hubpages ads 40%. Hubpages does not pay for traffic rates.

Some may argue that this method is one that you could use on your own webpage or blog and keep all of the ad proceeds, but Hubpages does still have a great value to publishing writers and site owners. One benefit is that Hubpages is very social, and has an actively involved set of writers. I have met some great people there, and that has helped with my overall reputation and exposure within the online community. That means that writing for Hubpages is generating traffic to my main blogs, as the friends or interested readers I have found there visit to see what other words of wisdom or folly I may have published. In addition; being a new blog writing under a new pen name, I am more likely to get immediate traffic to my writing through the networking available on Hubpages than I am by posting anything here at this time.

I also tend to get bored writing about the same topic all of the time, but this blog is pretty specific in purpose and planned content. When I feel like publishing something that is not a good fit for my blog here, Hubpages allows me to do so without having to worry that it seems out of place. I do not have to set up any other blogs or pages, excessively promote it for traffic, or anything else. I can write about anything I want to when the mood strikes very quickly and easily; and still obtain the benefits of having it on a high traffic, well marketed site with a good reputation. By providing this benefit, Hubpages allows me to generate ad revenues on articles written about topics that I would not normally publish were I only writing in my blog.

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