Save money on a graphics program, use Gimp


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Gimp allows you to enhance or retouch photos, change image file formats, and create illustrated graphics. If you do not already have a fully functional graphics program and you do a lot of stuff on the web, I would highly recommend clicking the banner above and downloading Gimp. Gimp is a totally free program, but they would appreciate a donation if you find their product useful. The Gimp program has all of the main functions found in Photoshop or other similar paid programs that are very pricey. Gimp may not have as many fancy high end features, but this program will get the job done perfectly well for the average user. The program is well documented, and offers a Faq, books, tutorials and mailing lists for support and information. Gimp operates on Gnu/Linux, Windows XP & Vista, Mac OSX, Sun OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD platforms.

Download Gimp for free.

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