Ejury will pay you to act as an ejuror to pre-try legal cases


Ejury is a program where you can participate in pre-trying a legal case before it goes to a jury. Having the case pre-tried allows the lawyer presenting it to find holes in their side of the case, improve jury selection, and discover how good their legal case is according to public opinion. You are only eligible to participate in trials going on within your county, and must be a US resident who has not been convicted of a felony. Once the case is fully closed you can view the results if you like, which consist of a summary based on responses from all of the participants in that case.

A case generally takes 30 minutes or less to review, and pays between $5-10 each. You are more likely to get cases if you live in a larger metro area. This jury program does not pay as much as Online Verdict does, but the reviews are easier to do and take less time. This is because you only get the basic facts and info that you would learn from opening and closing statements, and not the entire process of a full trial with testimony and official evidence. Occasionally you may get invited to actually physically attend a mock trial, and those pay fairly well (plus they feed you lol).

Click here to find out more about being an Ejury e-juror and pre-trying legal cases.

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