Daybreak Traffic is a great Traffic Exchange to use to get more hits to your website


Daybreak Traffic is a manual traffic exchange where you can earn a large number of credits and increase traffic to your website. Due to the progressive surfing system and the large number of bonuses and contests Daybreak offers, I have found that I can accumulate credits there at a much higher rate than most other traffic exchanges. I have had my rate up over a 1:3 ratio there on more than one occasion, which is almost unheard of. You also have an opportunity to win a lifetime Gold member upgrade, which will allow you to earn credits even faster. To win the free upgrade, just surf enough sites to be the top surfer for the month. There is a handy standings page so that you can keep track of your progress.

Daybreak is a great place to meet other webmasters and blog owners and network. I have learned about a lot of other great programs and tools from talking with the other members in the built in chat room. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and the owner takes a very active interest in the site and the members.

You can also earn cash using the Daybreak traffic exchange through random surfing bonuses, or through ongoing monthly commissions of up to 45% if people in your downline upgrade to paying memberships. Payout limits vary from $10-30, depending on your membership level.

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