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Reviewstream is a program where you can get paid to review almost anything. There are no set topics or categories that you must write about. Payment rates are currently $2.00 per review. Reviews that do not qualify for the regular payment get paid at the bulk rate of $0.40. How do you get paid the higher rate? Make sure your review is well written. It does not have to be a literary masterpiece, but it does need to give the reader information they can't just go look up on a product home page. It should include your opinion of the product, and details about your experience with using it. It should be a minimum of around 400 words plus to get top payment, and be written in understandable English. It can sometimes take a while to get your review approved because they read them all first, but be patient and they will get to it. Once you have cashed out a few times, you may be deemed eligible for your reviews to autopost if you have a consistantly good quality.

I have only ever published one review at bulk rate, and I did that voluntarily because I wanted it posted immediately. If you do not want to publish at bulk rate, just make sure you do not click the "bulk rate" box. If they decline you for a standard payment, you can always resubmit at the bulk rate later if you choose to. I have only had one review declined as "Not of interest", and it was for a popular free software program that I later realized had already been reviewed numerous times.

You can cash out at any time once you have earned $50, and payments are recieved pretty quickly via Paypal after requesting them; usually within 48 hours. You can also earn money from any reviews posted by your referrals. It is a pretty small percentage but it ads up, especially since those who use Reviewstream tend to post fairly often. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can post. Also, if you get someone that votes that your review is useful, you get $0.10. I have earned a whopping 20 cents that way. That is probably my own fault because I don't promote my content there at all, and it is written under a pen name specifically used for Reviewstream; and not a name I am known by anywhere else. Sometimes it is nice to be able to just say what you really think about certain things anonymously :)

Anything posted to Reviewstream must be totally unique, you cannot reuse that material elsewhere. You get credit for your writing up front, as opposed to having to generate traffic and accumulate earnings. This can be either good, or bad; depending on the type of content it is. Articles that have a long term readership interest written to article directories will earn slower, but will continue to earn over time. For this reason, I tend to put things on reviewstream that I do not see fitting in with my postings on directories or on blogs. Examples of this are the experience I had with a local company whose price and features sales pitch kept changing, or the waitress at the mom & pop restaurant who was outstanding, or the fact that I am am irate because even though I bought a lifetime warranty a certain company no longer wants to replace my product because this is the third one that has not worked properly. Were I to start posting these things on a directory like Hubpages my readers would probably stop reading, because these things most likely don't interest them. These are the things that Reviewstream is made for; things that make an impact in your day in the here and now, that others who are specifically looking for reviews may find of interest when deciding to use that product or service. If it is likely to be useful information to a lot of people over a wide geographical area or has potential for good ad revenues you may want to consider using one of the article directories or a blog instead, because over time you will probably earn more than $2.00 from your content.

Click here to Join Reviewstream and start earning money writing reviews.

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kikuroa said...

Review programs of particular interest might be an additional refrence

Thank a lot

Ework 411 said...

I agree Kikuroa, and do I have some other review sites to post soon. My list of stuff I have not added yet is a mile long. It takes a while to look into them and see if they seem legit or not. In the meantime, hope you have found what we have managed to get posted useful.

Ework 411 said...

Also, if you know of any good sites that are legit that you don't see here, please feel free to visit our "Recommend a site listing" feature and tell us about them.

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