Top online personal payment programs


Note on payment processors- We have not included the transaction fee information on these programs; because it often varies according to the type of account you have, where you are located, what your payment/sales volumes are, and may be subject to change. We would also recommend that you check into the TOS of any program that you use, and research them yourself for validity before deciding to use them.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Paypal is probably the most commonly used payment processing gateway on the internet today. Paypal allows you to process payments for buying or selling online goods or services. Paypal has a pretty wide variety of merchant services, and is integrated with Ebay and other popular programs. Anyone who is interested in making money online should definately sign up for a Paypal account, because it is the most widely used online payment system.

Many people report good results with using Moneybookers, which is available for use in countries that Paypal is not. Similar type of program to Paypal, allows sending and receiving payments.

Use Liberty Reserve to process online payments

Liberty Reserve is another payment processor similar to Paypal.

Perfect Money also features currency exchange

Perfect Money is a payment processor that also has some added features, such as a currency exchange and the ability to hold funds as actual gold.

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HI. I recommend and Monebookers. I work with heem, because in my country it very fast

Ework 411 said...

Yes, I have heard that Moneybookers is a great program to use. I would suggest that everyone sign up for Paypal if their country allows using it, strictly because it is the most widely used and accepted program.

However; many of the other payment processing systems are legit as well, often have lower fees involved, and may be availble to users who cannot use Paypal due to location. Some even have features that Paypal do not offer. This makes them well worth checking into, and using when they are available as an option for payment.

ai_thea said...

Hi! For me the best payment processor i have ever used is Paypal for all my online transaction. It is very safe and effective to use. I can withdraw all my earnings through my bank account, So i recommend Paypal for everybody to use.

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