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I was discussing Ebay with someone the other day, and they were talking about how frustrating they found it that they could not open up their Ebay store yet because they did not have the minimum number of required feedbacks. They were only a few short but they were really wanting to move forward and get the store opened over the weekend when they had the time to fix all of the postings up, and were disappointed that they had not sold enough items that week to be able to do so. This is when it occurred to me that other people may benefit from learning how to use a simple tactic that will solve that problem immediately. I used this method a long time ago when I needed to have a feedback rating at a certain level in order to get work as a merchant’s official Ebay poster, and I myself was lacking only a few points.

Note that I am NOT condoning that you do this on a large scale, or in order to try to inflate your numbers so that you can defraud anyone. People often check your feedback and items bought and sold before dealing with you, and if it is mostly generated in this way you will look really bad. Doing it only for a few extra items to get you to a near goal sooner will not cause any comment or concern with anyone, and should be okay. If you find yourself in this situation, here is how to immediately fix it.

Go into search and look for Ebooks that you can purchase for one or two cents using buy it now, and buy however many you need. It does not really matter what the topic is, you are buying the feedback and not the Ebook. Since it is a buy it now item, you should be able to get immediate feedback as soon as you pay for the items. You can now move forward with your Ebay goal, and begin buying and selling normally again.

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Andryan said...

Yesterday, I won a bid.... And then, I pay what I bid! And now... I'm waiting for the item! This is my first time buy an item on ebay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post...

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